If your business is looking to expand its market and venture into the world of private-label parts, then Shifteck can help you succeed. We now offer private-label services for a wide range of products, directly from our own manufacturing facility. You may be surprised to find out that private-label manufacturing comprises almost 90% of Shifteck's business; it is a core competency of ours.

Shifteck is already the private-label manufacturer of choice for hundreds of organizations. We're able to manufacture a wide range of products including suspension parts, downpipes, short shifters, braces, brackets, and much more.

Whether you're looking for manufacturing in steel, aluminum, or composite materials, Shifteck can meet your needs. Our industry-leading manufacturing processes provide your customers with high quality parts at an affordable cost to you.

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How do I set-up private-label manufacturing through you?
A private-label manufacturing quote can be obtained by contacting us. A Shifteck representative will work with you to assist with the terms of your request.

What is the cost of getting private-label parts?
Cost differs according to the requirements of each individual case. Our representatives will work to create the best program to suit your needs.

How long will it take to manufacture the parts?
There is no definitive schedule that applies to every project. Specific information about a schedule that meets your requirements will be discussed after receiving your request.

What materials will my parts be manufactured in?
Our private label manufacturing is available using aluminum, steel, or composite materials.

Will I receive the parts pre-packaged with my own branding?
Shifteck offers many different packaging options, setting your product apart. Our representatives will carefully guide you through the options best suited for your products.

Do you offer drop-shipping on private label parts?
Shifteck offers drop-shipping on private-label parts. Ask your representative for more info.

Will other companies be able to obtain copies of my product?
Shifteck is committed to the security of our customers' designs. Under our private-label contract all designs and manufacturing files that are created for your specific product will be owned by you and never sold or made available to anyone else.

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